BGN Speaks on Decarbonization at Geneva’s Maritime Transport and Efficiency Conference

October 13, 2023

(Photo credit: Mark Henley / Maritime Transport Efficiency Conference)

The annual Maritime Transport and Efficiency (MTE) Conference in Geneva, Switzerland, brings together key stakeholders from across the maritime transport industry – from international shipping companies and cargo owners, to safety and sustainability experts, regulatory bodies and policy makers.

BGN was represented by Head of Shipping Ozan Turgut, who is also based in Geneva, a key strategic location for the company’s trading business. Ozan participated in a fascinating panel discussion on the subject of “Decarbonizing shipping: driving change, seizing opportunities and tackling challenges – an oil and gas industry perspective.”

Ozan was accompanied on the panel by Rustin Edwards, Head of Fuel Oil Procurement, Euronav NV, Sebastien Roche, General Manager, Shipping Performance & Innovation, TotalEnergies Trading & Shipping, Andrea Portaluri, Head of Chartering & Fuel Oil / Bunkering, Saras Trading SA.

The focus of the panel discussion was around the driving forces of decarbonization, specifically in relation to transporting energy and how companies across the industry are approaching and addressing the issue. Speakers not only looked at current challenges, but potential issues that may arise in the future, as well as emerging solutions for both the short-and long-term. 

Ozan shared the BGN perspective: one of a long-standing charterer of tankers for crude, petroleum products and gas. He underscored the increasing importance of decarbonization for BGN as an energy trader, when making decisions about ships to carry the goods we trade.

Furthermore, he outlined how BGN, as an emerging maritime asset owner, is taking concrete steps to help improve our industry’s energy efficiency. With two Very Large Gas Carriers (VLGCs) delivered during Q2-3 this year, and more on the way, BGN is modernizing the fleet that supports its trading activities.

These investments into newbuild ships should help improve the overall emissions performance of the vessels used to move commodities. BGN’s VLGCs are equipped with modern technology, aimed at minimizing drag and achieving optimal efficiency performance while sailing. As well as this, they are also dual-fuel capable: they can be propelled by alternative fuels that should enable a better CO2 emissions-intensity performance.

As BGN advances on these critical issues, cross-industry collaborative discussions will be key to shape the future. We look forwards to doing our part for decarbonizing our industry and continuing to engage in constructive discussions and events such as Switzerland’s MTE Conference.

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