Sustainability & ESG

Becoming a pioneer in the energy transition. 

At BGN, we see our responsibility to participate in sustainable development as a duty to society and an opportunity to do well by doing good. We embrace sustainable development and we are continuously evaluating how we can go beyond minimum information disclosure requirements and regulatory compliance. By doing so, we aim to make valuable improvements for our employees, customers, suppliers, partners, shareholders, and society as a whole.


Our Sustainability Model takes shape in various global and local plans with ambitious, medium-term objectives and annual lines of action in each model pillar that reflect our commitment to the sustainable development of society and the areas where we operate.

We are committed to achieving long-term sustainable results in the supply chain and in the communities in which BGN operates through the assets it owns and the services it manages. We believe that increasing climate change resilience and limiting the risk of regulatory non-compliance will strengthen our long-term value in the market. 

The following principles guide the approach to sustainability of BGN:

We believe that increasing climate change resilience and limiting the risk of regulatory non-compliance will strengthen our long-term value in the market.

Climate Change:

A New Business Opportunity

In our business agenda, climate change mitigation is not a cost but a new business opportunity. BGN can be instrumental in mobilizing finance toward climate change mitigation. Our spin-off enterprise, Mundo Verde Climate, aims to play a pioneering role in promoting green technologies and investing in nature-based solutions to combat climate change. Mundo Verde Climate intends to expand its services in climate risk management and technology investments.


The Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Policy describes our commitment to sustainability, including mitigating environmental impacts, addressing relevant social issues, and maintaining sound governance procedures. It provides a framework for setting goals and objectives through which we aim to make progress towards sustainable business practices.

ESG focus areas are defined within the scope of our sustainability approach and in line with our principles in order to concentrate our effort as a steward of the natural environment and community. We will be applying these when we begin our regular annual sustainability reporting.




Ethics and Compliance

Business Ethics and BGN Code of Business Conduct

We aim to be a symbol of reliability and prestige in the sector by acting fairly, respectfully and proactively. We attach importance that our employees adhere to the ethical principles of honesty and integrity in internal and external relations and that any behavior contrary to business ethics shall be reported.

Following our Code of Business Conduct helps establish a reference framework for the behaviors and standards we expect from our employees. Our Code of Business Conduct ensures everything we do is done responsibly and honestly throughout the entire value chain. All business practices reflect our commitment to respect human rights, equal opportunities, environmental protection, anti-bribery, trade sanctions, anti-money laundering, anti-fraud, anti-competitive practices, as well as information transparency. All of our employees make this commitment, especially directors and members of the Board, who apply the code in all their decisions and lead through example.

Statement on Diversity and Inclusivity

We value a diverse and inclusive team of high-caliber talent and expert professionals and aim to maintain a culture that promotes solidarity. All employees must be treated with respect and dignity. Nobody may be discriminated against or harassed based on gender, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief systems, disability, sexual orientation, or age. Equal treatment is thus a natural approach, and we endeavor to achieve a diverse workforce. Harassment, bullying, threats, repression, or other discriminatory treatment will not be accepted at BGN.

BGN Ethics Line

The ability to raise concerns is a cornerstone of an open and accountable working environment. The BGN Ethics Line is a confidential means for company employees and any third parties to ask questions or confidentially and anonymously report potential breaches, illegal behavior, or activities that do not align with the BGN Code of Business Conduct. Whenever a concern is raised through this channel, our investigation team will thoroughly and promptly look into it.


As part of this compliance culture, we have a zero-tolerance policy regarding criminal behavior and an unwavering commitment of the company’s administrative bodies to foster and maintain a culture that respects highly ethical standards and regulations.

Personnel and third parties can report possible concerns confidentially and securely to BGN Ethics Line at:

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