BGN Adds Two Gas Tankers, Developing Pertamina Partnership 

January 16, 2024

BGN Adds Two Gas Tankers, Developing Pertamina Partnership 
BGN welcomed two modern, efficient Very Large Gas Carriers (VLGC) to its fleet, thanks to the ongoing partnership with Indonesia’s Pertamina International Shipping (PIS). 

The launch of the vessels was officiated by the President Director of PT Pertamina (Persero) Nicke Widyawati, Group CEO of BGN Ruya Bayegan, President and CEO of Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries Shin Hyeon Dae, CEO of Pertamina International Shipping (PIS) Yoki Firnandi, and witnessed by Pertamina Commissioner Iggi Haruman Achsien and PIS Commissioner Lina Santi. 

“We are delighted to see these two modern, efficient ships on the water, thanks to our collaborative partnership with PIS,” said Ruya Bayegan. “We are pleased to help strengthen the energy security of Indonesia at the same time as supporting BGN’s global energy and commodities trading platform with these maritime assets.”

BGN is making long-term commitments by investing in newbuild ships to support its growing energy trading business and to help improve the emissions performance of the vessels it uses to move commodities. BGN also uses time charters and the spot market to move fuels such as LPG to wherever they are needed. The new ships can also carry ammonia.  

Pertamina Gas Tulip and Pertamina Gas Bergenia have dual-fuel tanks, enabling the optimization of low sulfur fuel and gas. The latest technology is said to improve the ship’s speed with even more efficient fuel usage, up to 16%.  

Furthermore, these vessels have incorporated Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies into their operations. They can transport not only gas or LPG, but also petrochemical commodities such as ammonia.  

The vessels, each spanning twice the length of a football field, were constructed at Hyundai Samho shipyard in South Korea and were officially welcomed at a ceremony in South Korea on 9 January 2024. 

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